Apple reactivated my order ...

this is cool. In March I will have my Mac Pro.

Regrettably I had to learn that the delivery time at Apple will only start when the payment is through, so right now, so the proposed delivery in February shifted to March.

This is painful, I wanted to use the "Pot" in my next project. Now I will have to find an interim solution.

I became a spam victim

One of my email addresses apparantly became the toy of a spammer:

I receive undeliverable email in a minute range frequency, this leaves a large number of emails that will have been delivered.

I should note that this is not because one of my mail-systems would have been compromised, the mails apparantly show now participation of my home systems or my hosted servers. It seems the motherfucker who abuses my email address just copies it into the Return-Path header.

The mail typically carries a link to a zip file supposedly holding some malware.

Audience with genius

Ever had a broken iPhone? Ever needed this to work?

Regrettably I could not rely on a Genius Desk at Apple for this. I learned on wednesday that the wait-time to get an appointment is a full week!

Sorry, I might be wrong, but this is not a service-appointment, it seems to be more like an audience to me.

I would love to find an alternative, but I am forced to wait. Looks like I need to get some cheap phone for a few days to cover gaps like this in the future. Any proposals? Samsung?

Trying to order a Mac Pro is quite difficult

It is not easy to order a Mac Pro.

It got released, and I ordered it. Well I tried, and now I find, I did not, well ... how comes?

  1. Ordered by phone on December, 20th in the German Online Shop of Apple.
  2. Order confirmed the same day. The order was with a 0% credit from Apple's partner bank CreditPlus.
  3. CreditPlus sends the paperwork via email only on January 6th. Cool they really know how to have a vacation. I did not smell any problem as the Mac Pro was only available for delivery begin to mid February.

GAL development (bankswichting for Z80 et al)

You come from 1 to 10 to 100 to 1000 and further ...

I came from the attempt to create a CP/M computer on my own (Arduino+Emulator) to the idea to create a real Z80 Hardware (worked on a breadboard) to the idea to create a Z80 board for Arduino et al using SPI and a serial interface. Such a board could work with an Arduino or a Raspberry-Pi or alike.

Under contract again ...

With the support of some friends, I got a new contract, so I am "off the road", again. (Thanks guys!).

Looking for a new contract ...

recently I got told that driven by some restructuring measures at my customer, my contract won't be extended beyond March 2013. I've been almost 8 years with this customer and received much appreciation over the course of the time, but it is now time to move on.

So, if you are looking for a solution-designer with hands-on experience, integrator, developer, administrator, with an affinity for open-source, virtualisation and cloud computing, you might want to contact me to get my CV!

Court decision .. finally.

In July 2012 I got mugged in a park here in Düsseldorf. My mobile robbed, me kicked in the face several times. The experience was quite "traumatic" and I still have some trouble with the memories. Today the court case started to close at least some of the wounds.

As in the incident I defended myself, the remaining traces lead to the arrest of the 4 people who did that. The were all at the age of 18 and were sentenced according to German youth law, which to my taste (and not just because I was the victim) could be a bit more drastic in the punishment.

Life in jeopardy

Long time no post. In the meantime I went through a lot of trouble. In July 2012 I got mugged, directly after I had to completely renew a flat so my new born daughter (Tia Lena Lucille, 30.11.2012) had a home to live in. This cost me 6 months and all my nerves, time and some health. Before that, we lived in a mobile home, too small for a family.

Ok ...

I did not get any step forward with the Z80 card. Why? I need to learn to solder again. I fried a prototype board when trying to solder just some plugs: wrong temperature, wrong solder wire. Step by step now I exercise a bit, adjust the temperature etc. I toast my first wiring pen, that had a platic tip, bad luck.

So all together I destroyed material at 40€ in the process. Umpf!